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"The right coach for every occasion"

Miccolis SpA allows you to rent a coach with a private driver suitable for every need: special services for disabled people, charter buses, transport of company and student employees, tours throughout Italy for Italian and foreign tourists, transportation for cruises, etc.

Knowledge of the territory, staff competence, quality of service, safety and comfort are the features that have made Miccolis the reference point for this type of activity for over 50 years.

Minibuses, buses from and 60 seats equipped with all the modern comforts to ensure that customers who want to travel by bus travel in the utmost comfort and carefree

Covid-19 information

Our main goal remains to offer you the best rental experience, while maintaining our high standards of safety and cleanliness.

In addition to the preventive measures we have always adopted, we constantly work to ensure that all our buses undergo a rigorous and meticulous cleaning and sanitizing process before and after each rental.

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Advertising on our media

Bus advertising is a modern communication tool recommended to all companies.
Dynamic communication certainly does not go unnoticed!

Thanks to its widespread presence in many important cities, as well as for extra-urban connections, the Miccolis fleet can be a valid vehicle for the dissemination of advertising messages at local level, but also between multiple cities.

We offer various possibilities for your advertising space


For our local lines advertising spaces are available on the sides and behind the various buses, with the advantage of an effective message visibility practically at 360 °.


In addition to local lines, Miccolis SpA offers the possibility of conveying dynamic advertising messages on its vehicles even in the various active extra-urban lines, in this case reaching a wider territory than the local lines.


In recent years, thanks to the introduction of video screens inside the coaches on our state line, many companies, public bodies and various advertisers are transmitting their communication that reaches the many users of this line. The advantage, given the strength and greater vivacity / interactivity of the video message, is that of an advertisement that can become even more informative, colloquial and never invasive, in relation to the relaxation of the journey and to the wider journey times, as well as to the other various content offered through the video.

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