The company's history began in 1929, with the activity of Stefano Miccolis, who transformed his transport company from horse-drawn traction to motor-driven traction.

Born in the late 1800s, the founder died in a car accident while driving his truck, leaving the young son Vito to carry on the business. Vito Miccolis continued his father's work with great dedication and dedication, until he started transporting people and goods as well as numerous other activities in the 1950s. With the help and commitment of his son Stefano, the company - which started with only one bus used as a rental garage - has grown considerably over the years.

Today the vehicle fleet is made up of over 200 vehicles and Miccolis SpA is a leading company for local and national public transport, the leader of an industrial group composed of subsidiary and controlled companies.

"With our 7,000,000 km per year we are at the service of travelers"


The Miccolis group

The Miccolis Group carries out its activities in various sectors of the economy: transport, ecology, energy, industrial construction and port activities.

  • Miccolis SpA projects the tradition of the Miccolis family into the future.
  • SAV SpA, with headquarters in Castellana Grotte, deals with the transportation of disabled people and school transport, bus hire, travel arrangements, sale and exchange of civil, commercial and industrial buildings and their management and rental, hire and purchase of ships and aircraft.
  • ASV Autolinee SpA, based in Modugno (BA), deals with Public Urban Transport.
  • STC scrl, based in Cerignola (FG), deals with Urban Public Transport.
  • Ecological Spa deals with port activities, collection, transport and disposal of urban, special, hazardous and non-urban waste; chemical and hydrodynamic washes; reclamation; transport for third parties; industrial cleaning; rental of industrial vehicles; waste treatment. For the reclamation of tanks, ATEX uses an automatic Crude Oil Washing (COW) system that is highly flexible and has minimal environmental impact, with continuous gas monitoring, which guarantees almost 98% recovery of hydrocarbons. The staff, composed of about 210 employees, makes it one of the most important companies in the group.
  • Daisy, a plant for non-hazardous special waste located in Agro di Barletta, Località San Procopio, with Integrated Environmental Authorization n. 124 of 09/12/2008.
  • RECSEL Srl, based in Taranto, deals with sorting and recovery services for waste coming from urban and industrial waste collection.
  • Puglia Multiservizi Srl, based in Zola Predosa (BO), deals with the management of environmental hygiene services and maintenance of public green areas; hiring and management of investments in companies concerning similar activities or local public services in general.
  • MAGIS Srl, based in Taranto, deals with the construction and management of industrial plants organized for the execution of installation works, maintenance and repair of industrial plants, trucking on behalf of third parties; rental of cranes, crane trucks and similar equipment.
  • Brundisium SpA, based in Brindisi, deals with the production of ecological fuels and energy production.



Miccolis SpA wants to be a point of reference and a decisive factor in mobility and public transport, ensuring QUALITY, SAFETY and COMPETITIVENESS of the services provided, in full respect of the environment, in step with the rapid and continuous social and territorial changes.

The Company expresses its concrete commitment to the continuous improvement of its Management Systems, defining the criteria for identifying and achieving performance objectives, consistently with the values ​​expressed in the Code of Ethics, in the Code of Conduct referred to in Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in international standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018.

Excellence in customer relations is the primary objective, through careful and constant monitoring of the services offered, in particular in terms of regularity, safety, comfort, accessibility and information, in line with the standards of UNI 13816: 2002.

Miccolis SpA aims at the continuous improvement of working conditions and the safety of employees and passengers by adapting to the standards of SA8000: 2014 - Ethical certification and the ISO 39001: 2016 - Road Traffic Safety Management System, which defines the requirements of a Road Safety Management System aimed at allowing Organizations that interact with the road system and transport to reduce the number of injuries deriving from road accidents, by controlling and managing all the variables that are under their influence.



Quality Safety Environment Policy and RTS Miccolis spa



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